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Shopping for car insurance can be a difficult feat, particularly when there is such a variety of companies and offers to be found. It can seem daunting for novice shoppers who've never felt they had the need to carefully compare car insurance packages before. It can also be difficult for those who are more experienced though, as some of the terms and conditions, and offers presented by the companies can be confusing.

By visiting at least some of the woes are resolved, as the site will offer 1-day car insurance (as the name implies) to those who are not willing to complicate their lives with the insurance offers described above. The site offers intuitive navigation, and there is an ample and clear FAQ section which explains in detail various aspects of insurance; this includes whether you qualify, how quickly you can get cover and much more.

A variety of age groups can browse comfortably on, whether you are a young driver or more experienced car owner. Short term car insurance is ideal for those who are looking for a quick and cheap solution over longer insurance contracts. The site will be able to give you advice on various aspects of short-term insurance, and there is lots of useful information if you aren't aware of potential legal issues when going for such an option.

Usually, excessive legal verbiage will only confuse a customer who is likely to be driven away because of this. On it is all very clear however, and the "Legal Issues" section should provide you with everything you need regarding the legal aspects of short-term insurance.

In general, those who visit a site will remain if the layout is as clean and as clear as possible. Nobody likes a cluttered layout and it is the main culprit of high bounce rates. The layout on is just what is needed though; while it is nothing spectacular the links on the left hand-side serve their purpose well. No bells and whistle, just essential information for those who are wishing to shop for a cheaper insurance alternative.

Lastly, for those who ultimately choose to make that purchase getting a quote is extremely easy, just by clicking the link at the very bottom of the site. Overall, has left a positive impression on this reviewer and it is definitely worth perusing if you are looking for a quick insurance solution.

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